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Look Magazine Weekly #29th June

June 25, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I'm back with another Look Weekly. For the new readers welcome to my blog, this post will feature my views on certain trends of the week and what particular fashion styles and clothing I am liking. And for my existing readers I hope you are enjoying my finds and thank you for enjoying my posts :) 
Firstly lets just admire how beautiful Rihanna is looking, she looks absolutely gorgeous in this simply red dress! I love the free flowing curls, they just add to the elegance. 
On to all things Look...
Lets kick this off with this new print that has had everyone talking, so the chevron print is often the main attraction to the outfit because it is such a stand out pattern to wear. For me I like the dynamicness of the print and it gives off a vintage to retro style to your outfit. Its a great printed piece to have in your wardrobe because you match it with a basic tee if you are wearing chevron printed trousers or just wearing a chevron dress jazzed up with jewellery will look great for a night out! 
So this newest Ukrainian label Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin, has been trending on social media feeds with these boho styled dresses. They look so pretty I quite love the boho style aspect of free flow dresses, they are great to accessorize and wear in the summer. I love the tassel tie part of the dress it adds that extra boho chic feel to the dress. 
The two brands which clothing I really liked this week are Warehouse and I really like the dress from Warehouse, it has a beautiful floral print with tones of yellow and green, definitely a lovely summer piece! Now boohoo are loving their prints here, the top is only £15 which is so affordable. But the detail on this top is just so lovely, I love the stripes and block colour contrast and the zip surrounded by the leather add that extra edge. Also the sunglasses are so different, to me they give off a futuristic feel and I loving the hue shading of the pinks and blues in the lenses.
So lastly I just wanted to point out the two trends I have been really loving recently which are shown through these magazines shots. So firstly I really love the colour jade this summer, it reminds me of the meadows as well flower bushes. I guess its a colour that really reflects nature and I feel summer is one thing some people love to explore, we all love walks in the parks and admiring nature! The second trend is off the shoulder tops, I really want to experiment with this top style because I haven't owned any tops like this before. I feel fashion is all about exploring different styles and going out of your comfort zone, so why not try something you haven't tried, you may even like it!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post if you did give it a like, check out my previous Look Weekly, and let me know below on what trends your currently loving 
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Till next time Sonam xox