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Prom inspiration #2 Shoes and Bags

June 29, 2015

Hello my lovelies, Welcome back to Prom inspiration #2 if you missed the first Prom Inspiration - The Dress check it out. The first post talks about buying the dress and the different styles and colours you can go for. Now we are going to explore the world of shoes and bags to go with these great dresses.
On to all things Shoes and Bags .....
I'm going to kick this off by talking about the shoes you can wear, now the shoes really depend on the dress. Let me explain, so if your wearing a maxi dress that has no slits in it then your shoes are likely to be hidden . Whereas if you wearing a midi or mini dress then your shoes are going to be a feature to your outfit because people are going to see them. So you have to make that decision on whether the shoes you are choosing, are going to add that statement to the outfit or just a subtle hint of colour to it! 
ASOS White High Heels £32, Black Tie Up Court Shoes £24.99, ASOS Pointed Heels £30 
I have selected 3 different styles that can be bought from ASOS, and the colours will suit any dress.
1) ASOS PENNY Pointed High Heels - I love the silver mirror style panel, it would look beautiful with a mini or a midi dress. These are some statement shoes, definitely ones to show off not hide. The shoes come in a lovely off white colour which will compliment the current pastel theme, but they are also available in lilac! Also it has a holographic faux snake skin detail which is different from any heels I have seen. 
2) New Look Terrance Black Tie Up Court Shoes - So I guess many people would wonder why I selected the tie up pair of court shoes, but I feel there are some girls out there who like to be different, so these are for you! Tie up shoes in general have been a popular trend this season and I just love the tassel detail, they give a great look as you are walking away. It's a style to be appreciated, and it will definitely leave people talking!
3) ASOS PIXIE Pointed High Heels - These shoes will look great with any style of dress, because the simplicity of them is what makes them stand out. These nude heels are great against those light colours, I love the seam detail around the edge it suits the pointed toe well. 
Embellished Box Clutches £35, Box Clutch With Metal Detail £35, Bow Detail Box Clutch £30
Now we have finished with the shoes, onto the bags or the more technical term clutches. I have selected 3 styles of box clutches because I feel these would go nicely with the dresses we are styling. For some people they feel the clothing is not the main feature that make the outfit, its the small accessories that add to it. There are many people out there who love bags and me being one of those people, a good clutch goes a long way!
1) River Island Embellished Box Clutch - What I love most about this clutch is the embellishment, its so pretty. There's lovely hints of pearl against the golden frame. This would go great with a simply dress that doesn't have heavy embellishment on it!
2) Aldo Box Clutch With Metal Detail - Now this clutch looks great when looking at the white and gold contrast, it has a clean look to it. The detail gives it the extra edge, the clutch definitely looks more expensive and great for any event!
3) Liquorish Bow Detail Box Clutch Bag - The bow is what caught my attention when I was looking for clutches, its so cute! The white and black contract go really well with the gold frame and the lining inside the clutch is bright red, adding that bit of drama.

I hope you had fun reading this post, and hoped it inspired you in some way, if so leave a like! Let me know what your thoughts are? 

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Till next time Sonam xox