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Prom inspiration #1 The Dress

June 22, 2015

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well. So for many students who have finished their exams and GCSE's they are looking forward to their prom, its time to party and let go after all the hard work everyone has been doing! I know proms are normally held in the month of July here in the UK, so I thought why not do a post inspired for all those girls who are looking for inspiration or for those girls who are thinking about what they would like to wear in the future :)
On to all things Prom....
So lets kick it off with the dress, I guess this is the most important piece of clothing you will be wearing on this day and I have compiled a list of dresses I think will suit anyone an d help those who just confused about what to wear!
Tip 1 - Some proms have themes, if I remember going back to my prom (which was 5 years ago) our theme was Hollywood Red Carpet. So you can imagine glitz and glamour! So try and comply with the theme but add your own flare on it!
Tip 2 - There are a range of styles you can choose from, so never feel you are limited in anyway! Go for something you will be comfortable in and make sure the dress represents you, add your own twist on it! 
Tip 3 - Remember to have fun with prom shopping, prom is an experience where you can finally have fun after months of hard work and revision! And your going to be partying with your friends and all the people you have been studying with for the pass 5 years. So you will look thinking what a night to remember. 
White Maxi Dress £85, Pink Tulle Prom Dress £75, Nude Bodycon Prom Dress £120
These are my three picks from River Island, this selection is very simply and yet still effective. They are very light and subtle colours and will suit a variety of complexions. I picked a maxi, a midi and a mini because everyone has a particular style they like or prefer but do not be a afraid to try something different and out of your comfort zone. 
1) White Sequin Embellished Pleated Maxi Dress -  This is a beautiful white dress, the pleated skirt is so free and clean! It gives you sense of freshness and a beachy feel, for me anyway, there is something angelic about it! I love the bodice, it has lovely white, silver and hits of blue sequin detail which is like the icing on the cake. And it has a lovely sheer neckline, for those girls who want to keep it simply and like more of a cover up, then this is definitely the dress for you!
2) Pink Embellished Tulle Skirt Prom Dress - The main attraction to this dress is definitely the tulle skirt, if you want that princess look but with a modern twist, this is that dress! Also it has a lovely strapless bodice with the right amount of sparkle on it, its one of those dress's which will make people go WOW!
3) Nude Glamorous Embellished Bodycon Prom Dress - For those girls who like more of a fitted dress, and like to flaunt what your momma gave you then this is the dress! It is the most expensive out of this collection but since when have beautiful things been on the budget side! Its a lovely colour and has beautiful beading detail on it, the sheer long sleeves even have beaded detail. You definitely do not have to accessorize with this dress all you need is a pair of earrings and your ready to dance the night off!

Black Prom Dress £59.99, Navy Maxi Dress £69.99, Aqua Prom Dress £59.99
Now these are my top 3 picks from Quiz fashion, Quiz have a beautiful collection of dresses and they are great for events like proms, weddings, parties etc. What I love about Quiz is that their dresses are so different and there windows displays are amazing, me and my mum always end up in the shop, its that good!
1) Black Embellished Mesh Prom Dress - I do not always like black, because there are so many beautiful colours in the rainbow. However this dress I picked for all those girls who feel black is the only colour in the world, and the good thing about this dress is, its not purely black. This dress has beautiful gold embellishment on the waist of the dress as well on the shoulder and I absolutely love the sheer neckline! The mesh skirt is so pretty and the trim design is simply gorgeous. 
2) Navy Chiffon Beaded Pearl Maxi Dress - So we are back with another maxi dress, this dress gives off a timeless feel, like there's some mystery to go with it. Beautiful shade of blue and compliments really well with the silver embellished neckline. The saying 'diamonds are a girl best friend' suits this dress, it has a edgy cut out back detail that adds that bit of danger to the outfit. It's for one of those girls who want to be a bit risky and likes to reflect her edgy side! A smokey eye look will add the gem to the stone to this dress.
3) Aqua Mesh Sequin Embellished Prom Dress - This dress reflects the pastel trend right now, Aqua is a colour often thought to remember the sea or ocean. For me the colour is really striking and refreshing and the pictures will look great, its great for people who don't like a bold or dark colour. It has a lovely silver sequin detail on the bodice and it has a certain glamour appeal, great for any red carpet!
ASOS Midi Dress £55, Missguided Lace Dress £55, Little Mistress Maxi Dress £75
We are down to our last three, now you have probably noticed that these three are very different to the other dresses. I selected these dresses from ASOS and I just love the variety of this collection I have put together. These dresses can been worn at a number of events so you can restyle them up and down, and get a number of looks from them!
1) ASOS Mesh Insert Square Neck Midi Dress - I know what I said about black above, but this have tones of beige through the skirt. I feel this dress is great for a retro theme and I love the simpleness of it. It can be dressed with accessories or you can leave it simple, its just so prettttty! I love the square neckline its so different!
2) Missguided Premium Lace Long Sleeve Skater Dress - Now red and lace is two of my favourite things when it comes to fashion, I just love it! I love the sweetheart neckline and the lace detail on the sheer long sleeves is to die for. This is a statement dress, Red represents boldness, being daring and a hint of elegance mixed with sexiness! Any girl who wears this will look hot and, its definitely a head turner dress.
3) Little Mistress Belted Maxi Dress In Floral Ombre Print - Ombre has been a theme I have seen a lot of this year from nails to hair, but clothing is where you can take it to a level beyond anything. This dress has beautiful tones of pinks, lilacs and florals! It just screams summer, definitely would suit people who are quite adventurous with their hair colour, as pastel shades have been an in thing right now! Its just a fun dress. 

I hope you had fun reading this post, I had a great time writing it! If you enjoyed this post then give it a like and let me know about your prom stories or what your thinking to wear? 

For more things fashion and style or if you like a bit of an adventure then follow my blog! :) 

Till next time Sonam xox