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Drama VS Elegance

June 03, 2015

Naomi Watts, Sonam Kapoor and Nadine Labaki
all wearing dresses designed by Elie Saab

Hello everyone I know this post is late, and the Cannes Film festival is truly gone and finished but I wanted to end my last post on my favourite two designers at the event.
On to all things fashion....
So many people are aware of this designers work I mean who doesn't wear his dresses, they are all about making a statement and drama. This designer's name is Elie Saab who is one of my favourite designers, his dresses are so different that most of them make you fall in love with them instantly!
Lets kick this off with the gorgeous Naomi Watts in this beautiful dramatastic dress, in a lovely light gray colour. This dress has so much going on, the feathers are definitely a winner on this dress and you can see those sparkles popping out from the bodice! What more could a girl ask for, definitely a dress that leaves you starstruck!
Onto the next dress, now we may share the same first name but this dress worn by Sonam Kapoor was the ONE dress I did not fall in love with. There was just too much going on, its one of those dresses that you either hate it or love it. The things I did not like about this dress was that the neckline was too much from the feathers to the layering and thickness! But having said all that I did like the beading and embellishment, I guess for me I would have preferred it more toned down.
Now the last dress that looks completely different to the first two, no feathers and no sparkles but the one thing that makes it similar to the other two dresses is the element of drama. I love how the front of the dress is shorter and the back has a slight train, the colour of the dress is a lovely shade of blue! This dress is simplistic and dramaful.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Emma Stone and Katrina Kaif wearing
Oscar De La Renta Dresses
Onto the next designer, who is Oscar De La Renta (another favourite). These dresses present all kinds of elegance and beauty. Lets start off with one of my favourites which is the strapless maroon dress worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She looks so beautiful, not only is the colour divine, the full layered skirt just makes the gown look timeless with a dash of elegance.
Now onto all things lace, lace is one of my favourite fabrics to wear because you can look sexy and still be elegant! Emma Stone in this lace ruffled cocktail dress is definitely a dress which gets a lot of heads turning.The ruffled organza adds that extra flare to take the dress to another level. The laced bodice gives the simplicity and elegance vibe which really makes her beauty glow. 
The last dress of the post is the sheer lace dress worn by Katrina Kaif, its another strapless number which makes it look sexy! But the ostrich feathered embroidery on the bottom of the dress gives the dress the elegance and shows the true beauty of the dress!

I hope you enjoyed this post I surely have! For more things fashion or if you like a bit of an adventure then follow my blog! :)
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Over and out Sonam xox