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Look Magazine Weekly #15th June

June 11, 2015

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post. I hope you all are having a lovely day wherever you are! So I love to read magazines and anything really but Look is one magazine I have followed through my teenager years. Its simply great and I feel like it gives me an insight to what's new in the fashion world!
On to all things Look..... 
There was two items of clothing that caught my eye in this issue and thought why not share them with my fellow friends!
So lets kick this off with the first item of clothing, this beautiful lace top from Coast. I know Autumn/Winter is far away, I mean in the UK we are just about getting the Summer we have been craving for like now! But in this issue they have showcased a sneak preview of a limited edition collection releasing in the later months of the year, and I thought to share this top because it is so gorgeous. I love lace, its my favourite fabric and I feel you can never go wrong with a bit of lace! I love the structure of the top and the hem of the top is soo cute! I just love it! 
Now onto to the next item, I'm really liking the palozza pants trend that has been going on recently and this jumpsuit is so retro, and it's reasonably price from H&M at only £29.99. I think palozza pants give you the sense of freedom and flow which I think is great for the summer.  I love the belt they have paired it with, it really adds that extra pop to the outfit! 

That's all for this issue, but because I did not get time to post two trends I particularly loved from last week's issue, I going to quickly mention now. 

These trends really caught my eye, so firstly the button up sailor style shorts from H&M I'm really loving, I just love the buttons! I think those buttons really work when thinking of sailor style, and they will be great for the summer! 
Secondly The Pinafore, I am definitely not new to this style. I purchased my first pinafore dress about a year and half ago but mine was from the Autumn/Winter collection and the material was corduroy. So when I saw this article that they have brought it back for the summer wear, I got really excited. I love the design of Pinafores because its like a dungaree but in dress style! I will definitely be on the hunt to look for my summer Pinafore this season. 

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know about any new trends or items of clothing your loving right now,
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Till next time, Sonam xox