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Look Magazine Weekly #22nd June

June 18, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I'm back with Look Weekly, check out my last post Look Weekly 15th June. So I love reading this magazine because it gives me my weekly dose of fashion mainly! I love this week's cover and Jennifer is looking beautiful in this one shoulder sparkly dress.
On to all things Look.....
Primark, Primark and More Primark!
We all know that Primark have released there new season collection, I have seen it over various social media. Now Primark is one of those shops where you can get some great buys and style them with a range of outfits. The lace blouse that is £14 is really pretty and it is definitely a piece which can work with a range of styles! The dress which is a plum colour is very different, I agree with the Look writers where they say it gives a 70s feel, definitely a blast from the past! I'm really looking forward to this collection I feel like Primark have really pulled it out the bag here, and definitely thought of statement styles!

Fringing to Suede to a Red Hot Blazer!
So fringing has been a trend that has flown threw this year spring and summer collection, last year it was through the kimonos and now it has gone to tops, skirts and even dresses. Fringing is great for showing movement, and drama to a simple outfit, that's what I love! I use to think of fringing being more for the wild west style but now you can incorporate it to a range of looks and create any style you want! Absolutely loving this trend!
One thing I'm loving about the Suede fabric is the skirts and shorts, they look so cute and great for the festival season, definitely a fabric I need to add to my wardrobe!
Now lastly I spotted this red hot blazer from New Look, it is such a fiery colour and this will make an outfit go from day to night! It's such a statement colour, and I think every girl should have a least one statement coloured blazer in their life and wardrobe!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, I would love to here your thoughts about the trends and topics mentioned in my post, 
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Till next time Sonam xox