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Faith, Belief, Just Be You!

July 20, 2015

A word that starts with you!"
Hello my lovelies I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I'm sorry this post is late I was suppose to post this on Saturday but I was at a wedding all weekend and didn't get much time to write this blog post. I know that is not a excuse and I do apologise.
This post is a bit different to what I normally post, but I thought everyone needs a little encouragement and appreciation when you are feeling low. I mean we all have those days when we feel will we ever be good enough? And we doubt our every move and think whether what we are doing is right. So this is a bit of a motivational post, it's a post to give you a little reminder of why your existence is precious to the world.

On to all things about You......
I have compiled a list of quotes that I say to myself when I am in a low mood and feel like I need some motivation. Before I go onto the quotes I would like to say that never think you are alone. I understand you can feel alone even surrounded with your loved ones, but sometimes you have learn to appreciate your own company, and learn to understand yourself as a person. I think this year for me has really taught me alot about myself, I have listened to my heart and understood where and what I want in my life. I have learned to value and appreciate the thoughts that have occurred in my mind. I would never have thought my life would change so quickly over a short amount of time, and I have had time to think and take decisions for my future.

"Never compare yourself to anyone. You are unique and are meant to be different."
So I know sometimes we often look at other people who are around our age and think, look at how well and successful they are and here I am. As people we often compare our lives with other people but it often doesn't help you, and makes you feel more low in yourself. Remember to never compare yourself to anyone, because one thing we often forget is everyone is in the same boat, just at different stages of life. Some people know from day one what they want in life, some people find it out as they go on in life and some people are still figuring it, and there is nothing wrong with that. We all should encourage everyone around us, to help those who need that belief but most importantly believe in yourself! We all have goals and dreams in life but they are all unique to you, because the way you do things, no one else will do it that way. You know why? its because that's what makes you different from everyone else and that is what will make you stand out from the rest.

"Dream the impossible!
Have faith in your journey."
When I was younger I use to think some of the dreams I had for my future were impossible, I felt I needed to be a more realistic. I guess I thought the safer route was more secure and more practical. However one thing I realised is that as I went along this more secure route I didn't enjoy what I planned out for myself, I started to think is this what I am destined for me. Then one day,  I started to question my  life, I sat there and thought maybe if I had believed in my impossible dreams then I would be more happier. My perspective on life changed, I learned that part of life is to take risks so you can see where life can take me. I learned that change is something I have to learn to appreciate and trust. And most importantly to have faith in what you plan for your future because believe me your hard work, determination, perseverance and doing what you love will always pay off.  
"Try, Try, Try until you succeed
Never Give Up"
When things are not going our way and things are not working out, most of us lose faith in ourselves and feel like giving up at the first hurdle. I know we all can relate because we all have felt like this at some point in our life. But picture this when we all were learning to walk every time we fell down, we still got up, we kept trying until we could walk. It's the same when we want something in life, never expect that you will grasp it the first time you try. We need to try, try and try until we succeed because we all have the power to conquer, achieve anything in life. When you feel like giving up remembering a memory in your life where you never gave up until you got what you wanted. And if you think you have given up on everything then, stop and think, you have not. Remember the time when you tried to talk, remember when you tried to write, the time you tried to dress yourself or even the time you learned to feed yourself. These are small achievements that have created big things in people lives, I know some people are like how can they be? shall I tell you how? Well the moment you learned to talk opened many opportunities for you, it gave the ability to communicate your inner thoughts, helped you to talk to people on different levels, even let you learn languages. Learning to write gave you the opportunity to express your thoughts, inner feelings onto to paper, this makes the best authors, poets, bloggers, journalists etc. Learning to dress yourself helped you to find your distinct style, a way you can express yourself visually this can lead to the great fashion designers, stylists, artists, actors etc. By learning to feed yourself, it helped to know what you liked and what you didn't like and its way to express yourself through the taste of food, this leads to the great chefs, best restaurants etc. I think you are starting to understand what I am trying to get at, if you believe you can achieve it then you can. YOU must believe to get closer to those dreams.......

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