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It's ok to be unsure....

July 31, 2015

Hello my lovelies, and Welcome to my blog. I hope you are having a great day, if not I hope this post helps you feel better or look at life in a different perspective. 
We all feel sad sometimes and feel like life is going too fast,or too slow or not going anywhere at all! Let's just take a moment and stop, clear your head of all negative thoughts, now breathe!
It's okay to be sad, it means your human. Just remember that this is a phase in your life and you will get through this, like you have done before. In order to appreciate happiness, you must understand what it is like to be sad. 
Now being unsure in life is nothing to fear about, its something we must experience so we can understand what we want and more about ourselves. Since the age of 15 I thought I had it all planned out. But now at the age of 21 I have come to a point where I am uncertain of what I need to do with my life to reach the career I want. I have learned to accept that it's okay to be unsure of where your journey will take you. I think you have to live and learn alot of things before you actually find out what you really want, and it's better to be unsure then going along a path you do not want.

If you do not like your current situation, then change it! Change is something we must accept to open doors for a brighter future. If your current situation is on the road to want you want, then remember you will get there, you just have to overcome all the bumps and obstacles that come in the way!

The quote is very true because it is fear itself that stops us from making the decisions we want to in life. We start to doubt our ability and think negative. Instead we should challenge our fear because once we have overcame it, we look back and think what an achievement and I am glad I took a chance! 
I never believed in this saying, but I am starting to accept this possibility that nothing is certain. I never thought I would start a blog and love it this much. For me 2015, has been a life changing year and I have really opened my mind to all kinds of possibilities, it really has made me realise that you are not limited in anyway. The only one who imposes a limit is you, why not dream the impossible, life always has a weird way of surprising you! So enjoy life to the max!
I love this, and I agree with this. I think we often seek others to believe in what we think and understand what we want but I guess that's where we go wrong. Not everyone we seek to believe in our mindset will understand, what we are actually thinking. We should instead believe fully in ourselves that way if haters try to slay you, nothing will bring you down! Once you decide to believe in yourself, then you will attract those that believe in your mindset!
Now I know alot of people out there have been hurt by people or circumstances have never quite gone the way you planned. But remember not to underestimate the power of karma, because what comes around goes around. If someone hurts you in any way, always remember to take it as an experience and know that karma is a bitch and most likely they will get what they deserve. Never stoop down to the level of a person who puts you down because there is a reason why they are below you. Karma has a funny way of working out, and you just got to sit there and watch because if you hurt someone intentionally then it will eventually hit you back in life. And nice people will always get the good things in life because whatever you put out in the world, you will get back! Just remember that!

Some quotes to make you think, and make you take a chance! Positive thoughts go a long way! Make a start now.....

I hope you this post you made you smile, if it did then please give it a like! Comment below with ideas of what post you would like to read?

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