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Look Magazine Weekly #27th July

July 23, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you having a great day. I'm back with another post, providing you with the latest fashion gossip and trends and pieces of clothing I am really liking this week from my favourite magazine. Want to know what I loved at the Paris Couture Week then check out last week's Look Weekly
On to all things Look....
Majority of you, who have been reading my blogs know I am lover of Dolce & Gabbana. They recently showcased their new collection, the collection is very fairytale like and I'm absolutely loving it! I feel that Dolce & Gabbana just know there floral detail, and they never disappoint when they work with flowers! I would say my favourite from this collection is the gold and red dress with the fairy wings, it's simply beautiful! If it was green it would definitely give off the Tinkerbell feel, when I think of fairies, the first one that comes to mind is definitely Tinkerbell! 
So last week I did not do  my top picks of the week because nothing caught my fancy, but this week I have two picks that I am loving. So the first one is the River Island handbag, I just love there handbags! They are really worth the money and do last a long time, my family are always asking where my handbag is from when I invest in one! This one is black with a orangey/brownish contrast which is great for the office or daily wear, plus the bag is a good size and you can fit a variety of things in it. The second pick is this beautiful pale pink suede midi skirt, I just love the colour! Plus the suede trend has really impressed me on the types of clothing you can wear in this material, because for a lot of people it is not the first choice fabric. I definitely need to add a suede skirt to my wardrobe, I think everyone should have a least one suede inspired piece in their wardrobe. 
So these four images are showcasing items that caught my eye, so lets kick this off with this yellowish jumper only £24.99 from H&M, a great pop of colour when the days start to get colder. I use to be one of those girls who thought black was the only colour in the world but once you start to wear bright colours, you never disrespect any colour again! Experiment a little you never know how good you will look. Also I have noticed that these crystallised rings are an in thing right now and they are a great hand candy that I would recommend, the ring the model is wearing is £7.99 from New Look, I think we should all go invest! Now on the picture on the right the model is wearing a lovely pair of emerald coloured earring with tassel detail, and they are simply divine. I think they would go great with a simple dress because the feature of your outfit will be the earrings! The earrings are from H&M and they are only £5.99, I think they are a bargain right there. 

If noone has seen this H&M dress, then girl where have you been living. I have seen this everywhere and it is a dress everyone is talking about, its a great summer dress and great for the holiday especially if you are going somewhere hot! Now this dress is £49.99, so it is on the pricey side but if you have the cash then go splash it out. The stripe contract is just so pretty it has all the warm colours you could ask for! Also the Zara handbag at £49.99 is the icing on the cake. The last statement piece is the this lovely flowful dress with a plunging V neck from ASOS at £45, I think this will look great for a beach holiday!

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