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Look Magazine Weekly #6th July

July 02, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope everyone is feeling more cooler after the hottest day of the year here in the UK! It's that time of week again where I am back with a Look Weekly, if you missed last weeks Look Weekly check it out. I have some great delights to share with you this week, firstly let's just take a moment to admire Cara's beauty in this strapless Greek goddess style dress. She looks so pretty and that necklace just adds that extra sparkle to the outfit. 
On to all things Look.....
The first trend is this new style of jeans, now I love my jeans. I think I have around 6 pairs that are in different styles and colours, you can tell I'm more of a jeans person. I just love the zip feature on this new trend, definitely gives a biker feel but I thinks zips give the outfit an extra edge. These jeans will look great paired with a black leather jacket! Another jeans trend I like is the ripped style at the knees, I'm on the hunt to find my perfect pair ;)
So apparently Kendall was spotted with this new trend on the mental-toed shoes, now I normally don't criticise trends but this one is one I do not like. I just think the mental-toe just ruins it, I guess its a shoe that will appeal to some people or just people who want to follow celebrity style! But one thing is for sure I will not be buying a pair.
I have selected three picks this week of clothes that caught my eye. Lets start with River Island, these beautiful lace maroon shorts are so cuteee! They are definitely great for this weather plus what's not to love, when its in LACE!!!! The second pick is this gorgeous feathered waistcoat, I know what you girls are thinking, this looks to hot to wear right now. It does but its great to stash away ready to wear in the Autumn, just think about it! And lastly the last item is from Coast, this maxi style skirt is so beautiful! Its great for the summer, you can wear it at a party, wedding or just wherever you feel. The colour is just so bright, definitely will make people look again. 

I hope you enjoyed my post, If you did give it a like also let me know what your favourite trend was?

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Till next time Sonam xox