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July 21, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope you are all good. I know you all are thinking, she's back with another post, and I posted yesterday. Well I thought why not do a outfit inspired post about what I wore at the wedding I went to on the weekend! 
On to all things Indian inspired ....
Indian outfit from India
So here you can see I have taken front and back shots of the Indian outfit. I really liked the colour, it's a beautiful aqua colour, also this colour is really in right now, I saw two of my cousins having similar outfits in this colour. My nan who recently went to India brought me back this outfit because she knew we had weddings coming up. The one thing I really like is the beautiful detail on the bodice of the dress suit, it's really shiny!
MAC eyeshadow - Aquadisiac
Now onto makeup, as I have mentioned in one of my posts before I do not know a lot about makeup. So I try to do the bare minimum *giggles*. My mum had some eyeshadow's lying around and I thought this would go great with my outfit. It is such a beautiful colour and because I do not have particular expertise in makeup, it did fade by the end of the day, I think I need to invest in a eye primer or something for it to last longer! If you have any suggestions then comment below.
I curled my hair, I was pretty impressed with the result
I decided to curl my hair for the party because I normally straighten my hair on a daily basis. When I firstly curled it I always feel that one side is better then the other, I don't know if its only me who doesn't know how to curl properly. However I was just so impressed on how my hair looked from the back, I must have done something right!
Earrings from India, Rimmel nail polish colours I used and Midi ring from topshop
On to accessories, the earrings were another gift from my nan. I simply love these earrings and they just go lovely with my outfit. With the nail polish I decided to metallic silver with mint green on the ring finger. I fancied a bit of shimmer instead of a block colour and it ended up looking quite effective. Also I included a close up of the bodice design, I love the silver shimmer!

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed this fashion inspired post with a twist, If you did then please give it a like! Comment below telling me what you loved most about this post?

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