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Prom inspiration #3 Hairstyles and Jewellery

July 06, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I am back with my last post for Prom inspiration, I have really enjoyed this journey we all have been on, from talking about the dress to the shoes and clutches and now to hair and jewellery. If you missed my previous post then check out Prom Inspiration #2 where I talk about the types of shoes and clutches that go with the dress! 
On to things Hair and Jewellery ......
So as you see I have selected simple styles because I feel you do not want your hair overworked and really complicated. I think you would want a hair style that look elegant yet effortless.
1) Loose waves - I love loose beachy waves I feel they give a great freeness and flow to it. Plus it definitely gives you that effortless look. You can pair it off with a lovely small rose to add to the glamour! 
2) Curls, Curls and More Curls - Everyone loves a bit of curls and they look great when you take shots of it from the back, plus there are so many styles you can do. You could go for tight curls which will give you a lot of volume if you decide to brush them out. Or you could go for loose drop curls which look really nice but are always hard to get right, plus if you have fine silky hair like me, they are mostly likely to drop out quicker. So I would recommend using a good hairspray!
3) Sleek Straight - For those people who don't usually straighten their hair, this is a great style to try and you can style it in many ways! Plus with great volume you can create a great up do! 
Now Jewellery is always a difficult choice, the reason why I haven't included any images are because it is hard to narrow a selection. I would say earrings, rings and a light bracelet would be enough, I'm not saying you need to wear all those jewellery pieces. The reason I have not said a necklace is because a lot of dresses have statement necklines so they kind of give you a necklace. I would say statement earrings with a nice cocktail ring would look beautiful with any dress!
To all those people celebrating and attending their proms, I hope you girls have a wonderful time and found my posts somewhat inspirational! Party like there's no tomorrow, don't forget to take lots of selfies! ;) 

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Till next time Sonam xox