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Fashion Style Series #1 - Bohemian

August 11, 2015

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new series I am going to be doing over the next month. So this series, is called Fashion Style Series and from the name you probably got an idea of what it is likely to be about. This series will consist of clothing that would be considered when looking at a particular fashion style. 

Style is something you create and sometimes you may want to experiment with some different styles you have not tried before, everyone's style is distinct and does not always fit into a specific category. However I would like all you lovely people to experiment with your inner style and wear something you haven't tried before. I will be explaining some of the clothing and accessories which are usually wore under specific styles. So let's get started!

On to all things Bohemian ....

So the first fashion style I will be talking about is bohemian. When we think of bohemian it's a free flow style with long skirts, flowy trousers, long sleeve baggy blouses, long necklaces, hair crowns etc its quite like a gypsy style or sometimes referred to as a hippy style. 

I quite like some of the elements to the style, we all have the those days where we want to wear something a bit more loosely fitted and airy, and I feel bohemian can do that. I like how the style showcases movement with the dresses and skirts, plus the flower crowns are the perfect accessory to finish off this style of outfit!

If I had to pick "My Favourite Style Piece" it would be the baggy sleeve blouses because I feel the comfortability factor is just so great and they look so pretty paired with jeans, skirts or even shorts!

Below I have compiled three images of elements that I think the bohemian style is all about and some clothing that would suit the style from this summer's trends. 
All these products can be located on ASOS
All these products can be located on ASOS

I hope you enjoyed this post of the first fashion style series, if you did then please give it a like! Leave a comment on what you loved most about this bohemian style 

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