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Fashion Style Series #3 - Glamorous

August 25, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you having a great Tuesday, if you are not then hopefully after reading this post you will feel a bit more joyful! So this week's fashion style is glamorous, every time I hear someone say Glamorous I always think of the Fergie song, the chorus is really catchy! 

On to all things Glamorous .....

Now when we talk about Glamour/Glamorous, many people have a different interpretation to what glamour is but for me I think glamour is all about the red carpet feel. It's that one time you wear a dress and you feel good, look amazing, and your like dayumm girl you look hawt! ;) It's that speechless moment where everyone is like wow!

I feel every girl should be able to look glamorous and feel glamorous once in a while, I know a lot of girls out there want to feel special and look beautiful sometimes. And believe me when I say this, clothing can do that for you, when you wear something that looks and feels beautiful on you, it can give you a real confidence boost!

For me Glamour is all about comfortability, with a hint of drama. It's wearing something that is bright and that reflects your personality and that is why I have compiled a range of images that shows that. I think dresses give off a definite glamour feel and that is why the images are of different kinds of dresses showcasing statement and style with a difference. 

One thing I will say to all the girls out there is, it does not matter what size you are, you can look and feel glamorous regardless of your waistline. People reading this are probably like yeah right, why discredit yourself that much, if you love your body then no one can tell you different. Forget what the world thinks the perfect girl is, in your eyes you will always be that perfect girl who love her imperfections! Remember the dress does not make you, it is the girl who makes the dress, its your beauty that radiates when wearing that dress!

You are your own beautiful! 

All the dresses can be found on ASOS

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