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L'Oreal Luminiser Review

August 17, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all had a better weekend then me. I know this post is a bit late and I apologise for that, I wasn't too well. Now enough about me, onto the post, so I am back with a review of a new shampoo I tried out. 
On to all things L'Oreal.....
L'Oreal shampoos are normally good, so I thought why not try this out. When I was younger I use to use the pink bottle from the nutri-gloss range, and my hair didn't lack shine and dullness, I just wanted to enhance the shine and I felt those shampoo's did then.

My hair has a naturally shine and I just wanted my hair to look more glossy, so that's why I tried this out. Also I am forever changing shampoo's because with my hair after a while I start to get dandruff so I have to try something different. 

This shampoo when I first used it, I wasn't impressed, but I think it was because I needed to wash my hair more thoroughly. So I gave it another try and after a couple of washes, I started to see the results of the shampoo. My hair had that extra shine and the glossy effect I was looking for. 
So overall I was satisfied, I didn't get dandruff and there was a great shine to it! Great shampoo to use, if your looking to enhance your shine on your hair!

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