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Look Magazine Weekly #24th August

August 21, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are having a good week. I know the post is late, I'm sorry, I had such a busy day yesterday I did not get time to sit down and write this post. I will try to get more organised from now on! For the lovely new readers who do not know what this post is about, it's a fashion and style gossip post I bring to you every week. I share the fashion trends and what clothes I am loving from my favourite fashion magazine. Check out last week's Look Weekly. Let's get this fashion parade started!

On to all things Look....
In this week's issue we have the beautiful Cara Delevingne on the front cover, I think she is so beautiful and she has great fashion sense. Some of the style pieces she wears are just so cute and glamorous! 
Now I am so excited to talk about this trend, I feel like cord is something I remember from my childhood. I do remember wearing some cord pieces when I was younger, I think I owned a navy blue pair of cord trousers and my brother had a yellow pair! It's definitely a fabric you do not come across often, and I just love it! I have two pieces in my wardrobe at the moment that are a raspberry pinafore dress and teal skinny jeans, and they are great pieces to have. I think everyone should have a bit of cord in there life and in there wardrobe, I really like the cord dress Alexa Chung is wearing. There's navy blue polo neck inspired one you can find from Topshop at £38 which I really like! Definitely invest in a cord piece and trust me you will not regret it!
Moving on to my style picks of the week, which are from Primark and Oasis. Starting off with Primark, I had a little snoop around yesterday and saw that they have a good range of footwear for the upcoming season. I mean when I remember buying footwear when I was younger from Primark it was not as good, but this summer I have only been wearing two pairs of flats from Primark which have been really good! Primark footwear has come a long way over the years! One thing I am really liking at the moment is the denim styled shirt dresses, they are so simple yet so effective. And this one from Primark is only £10, which is so affordable, then again Primark is affordable fashion at its best!
So the last style pick is from Oasis, and it is the dark green fringed skirt. Fringed skirts is something I have seen alot of recently, and I am loving this trend. It's definitely a piece that is quite daring because for alot of people they wouldn't wear this in daily wear, for me I think it's more of an evening piece or if your hitting town with girls. I think whatever girl wears a fringed skirt is definitely making a statement! I think I need invest in this style of skirt, so I can keep it for one of those days where I feel like making a statement. This skirt is £85, which is on the pricey side, so I suggest that you do a bit of research and find a style that suits you and reflects your personality!!

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