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Fashion History #1 Where it all began

September 29, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are having a nice week so far. I am trying to get use to my hectic university schedule and trust me it's hard. Now by looking at the heading of the post I am starting a new series which is going to be about the history of fashion. For me I feel like we all need to understand the knowledge behind where it all began and how certain trends have been developed over the past centuries. Every one thinks about the trends now but never look at where they were developed from.

I am going to give you a little bit of information about this series :
1) There will be 5 posts, each being about fashion evolution.
2) There will be fashion icons that will come from different eras.
3) This fashion history series will not go any further than the 1900's because I want to do more than one post on those decades. So the posts will be based on the time before the 1900's.
4) Welcome to my fashion history posts, I hope you enjoy and gain some insight on how fashion has come along way.

On to all things Fashion History .... 

The era will dated back to 10,000 BCE to 600 CE and that is a long time ago. I am going to go through what we discovered and gained from different cultures. 


So the ancient Egyptians wore linen clothing, mostly because of the hot climate and that was the best discovery ever. Crisp pleats and decorative collars and belts was something all Egyptians loved. Now for me I would never have thought that crisp pleats came from them, but if we think about their clothing you can tell that pleats were always slipping in somewhere or another. 


Now the Greeks we all know, we inherited the all mighty tunic. I think the tunic is the most versatile piece that has been changed, altered, and developed over the years and it definitely been revolutionised in some era's. Just to think it was a simple piece of clothing that required minimal effort. Along with the tunics there was the drapery technique which is great to show movement in clothing.

China and Japan

One piece of clothing that has been trending alot over the last year is the kimono style which has come from eastern Asia, it's a lovely piece of clothing to style with in the summer. Would you have ever thought that a T - shaped kimono style garment would have been revolutionised and became part of statement fashion today, I don't think Asia ever thought it would either.  

Asian and Persian

We have seen that the styles we have discussed, have been more loose fitted clothing, clothing that does not really have that much shape. The Asian/Persian culture prefer the more fitted clothing, they liked shaped skirts and they also took inspiration from the Greeks and developed various styles of drapery which is great for showing shape.

Thank for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed my first fashion history post. If you did then please leave a like and comment below letting me know what you liked most about this post. 

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