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Fashion Style Series #6 - Classic

September 15, 2015

Hello my lovelies, welcome to Tuesday Treats I hope you all are good. Now for those who have been following my fashion style series from the very beginning will know that this is my sixth post of this series, and that means that next week will be the last post of this series! I have left all the links to all the previous style posts down below. 

On to all things classic ....

So as you can see this week's fashion style is classic, now classic is often referred to the clean look. It is the more smart, simple plain clothing that takes you back into a timeless period. Apparently its a style that expresses stability, I guess it's a more mature modern look people tend to adapt to.

I quite like the simplicity of this style, it reflects a sense of elegance and the clothing involved is very basic. It reflects that something simple can always be a effective, a dress paired with tights and heels, then your good to go! 

It's good for when your in a rush, because these outfits require minimum effort and they still look like you mean business, whatever the occasion! The clothing often referred to this style is basic plain dresses, blouses, wide leg trousers and ballet pumps. 

I think this style is great and in the future I will probably be using more of this style, I feel its great for work wear and it is showing sophistication at its best!

Back me up here, we all have those days where we feel that we will end up adapting some aspect of this style, because style is all about expressing your individuality by putting your twist on it! 

Now below I have compiled a range of photos to help you visual the style better and understand what I mean when I'm talking about the classic style.

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Thank you for reading my post, That is all from this style this week, I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did then please give it a like! Leave a comment on what you love most about the classic style 

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