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Fashion Style Series #4 - Preppy

September 01, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope you all have been good. I know my blog recently has been relatively quiet but trust me I am planning some excited posts and other things that you will be looking forward to. Look out for my blog post on Saturday which will be explaining the new and wonderful things that will be happening! Also I am going to start calling my Tuesday posts " Tuesday Treats " let me know whether you like this or not?

Now on to all things Preppy.....
So this week's fashion style is preppy, for me I think this style is quite sporty but formal as well. You know when you watch American college films and you have the girls wearing blazers, blouses, knee high socks, striped cardigans and plaid/tartan skirts that's what I think the preppy style is all about. 

As many people know the preppy style is mostly adapted by college students, I guess it's quite smart but with a college twist! Its a style students adopt for comfortability and to look presentable ready for the work industry, it definitely shows the transitional phase from what you would wear when you are perhaps in your younger years. 

I have compiled a range of images of what outfits I love from this style. My favourite pieces are definitely the blazers and the tartan skirts, I think they are cute pieces to jazz up a simple outfit!
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That is all from this style this week, I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did then please give it a like! Leave a comment on what you love most about the preppy style 

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