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Fashion Style Series #7 - Rocker

September 22, 2015

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to Tuesday Treats. I cannot believe this is going to be the last post of the fashion style series, I feel like the time has gone so fast. I remember prolonging this series and thinking people would not be interested in the vision behind it. How wrong I was, a lot of people have enjoyed reading these posts and I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you that have read and enjoyed this series! 

Now the last style I have chosen is very different to the six previous styles and if you know me, I am all about being different. It becomes boring when everything is the same, don't you think? 

On to all things Rock and Roll ......

Now this week we are going to be imagining and trying to bring out our crazy rocker style, I know a lot of you are probably thinking that the rock and roll style will not appeal to everyone. I agree it doesn't but one thing you can take from this style is expressing your rebellious side and living on the edge a bit. 

So lets kick this off with talking about the pieces of clothing that is mostly associated with this style. When you think rock and roll, you think leather jackets, ripped jeans, vintage tees and to a certain degree hats are involved! 

I think you can take a element from this style which will make you look different to any current style you have. I mean I love my leather jacket that I have and I quite like the trend of the ripped jeans right now. 

Everyone's taste in clothing is different but that does not mean you belong to a specific style, style is something that defines you. Like I have said from the very beginning style is a reflection of your personality and our personality is not always constant. We have so many interests and different elements that make us unique!

So sometimes you may want to be that bohemian girl and sometimes you may want to be a rocker chic, I think experimenting and changing things up is all part of life and why not use the same approach with style. 

Down below I have complied a range of images of the aspects I love from the rocker style.

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