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Look Magazine Weekly #21st September

September 17, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are having a good week. So it's that time of week again, who's looking forward to this week's fashion and style gossip! I am actually looking forward to next week's issue, the reason being everyone knows that fashion week's has been going on. And I have seen some great collections over the last couple days. Anyway I think Kendall looks beautiful in this dress, I remember she wore this dress at the Cannes Film festival!

On to all things Look.....

These trends for me have caught my eye this season, so lets start with Gothic Glam. Designers like McQueen and Giles have been incorporating this victorian style lace in there collections, and if you know me I love my lace! I can see how this victorian lace can give a gothic vibe! If your thinking of doing fancy dress than victorian lace will give you great inspiration for any outfit, just something to think about! 
Moving on to the cosy shearing trend, now I love faux fur but shearing is something that had to grow on me. I quite like the cosy feel it gives off, and I think shearing can look good depending on products! I guess it depends on the style of shearing you can get!

Now my picks of the week is more of colours of the week. Let me explain, so the colours I am loving is the yellow/mustard dress from Boohoo and the other colour is berry purplely/pinkish top and skirt from Ted Baker. I think berry is a very autumn/fall colour and I have been browsing at berry coloured lipsticks! I am shocked because I have never really considered such a bold colour before, maybe the season is changing me!

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