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Chanel November #3 Book Reviews on Coco Chanel

November 17, 2015

Welcome back to Chanel November my lovelies. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and the tiredness has not carried on to the beginning of the week. Let's just take a moment for not only Paris but all around the world where attacks had happened to pray that those souls to rest in peace. #PrayersForThePeopleWeLost

As we are reaching the end of the Chanel series, I thought to tell you what research materials I used.

On to all things Chanel.....

So these are the two books I used to help me gather the information I needed to write these posts.
You can click on the headings which will direct you to the Amazon website, which is where I purchased them from. 

The Vogue book was very useful, it had all the essential information you needed to know about Coco. There was many photos and thorough details about all the things Chanel did in order to build a great multinational empire. It gives you a great insight and ground knowledge on how it started to how the LBD came about to Chanel No. 5. It also had many quotes which I used in my previous post where you can check out down below. The book was published in 2012 so it does not have any information about Karl Lagerfield. Overall a great book to start off with to get to know the designer.

This book released last month and I just love Megan Hess; who is an fashion illustrator. I purchased one of her books in spring which was The Dress, and it's such a great book. Her fashion illustrations are inspiring and she definitely awoken my inner artist to create illustrations. This book has about 4 to 5 lines max per page but the illustrations are greatly depicted. It has all the highlights of her career and includes Karl Lagerfield contribution to Chanel. 

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