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Chanel November #4 Favourite Chanel Collection of all time

November 24, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are having a great start to the week. Who am I kidding I bet alot of people can relate on just about getting out of their cosy beds in the morning! *sigh* Winter why are you so cold!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read my blog posts and have enjoyed this series. I know I have not been that active on posts, as well as videos have been missing but I am going to try my best to get back to the normal schedule. And make sure you look out for the next designer of the month now that Chanel November has to come to an end.

On to all things Chanel.......

As this is the last post of Chanel November I wanted to end with my favourite collections of Chanel.
Let's kick this off with the "2.55" Chanel handbag, the reason it is named 2.55 is due to the fact that the bag was released in February 1955. I just love the quilted look which is what made it so famous. The other distinct feature is the gold and leather intertwined chain which has been a great idea that has been incorporated in many bags, but never as good as Chanel. Plus you can never go wrong with the twist lock fastening, its so easy and convenient. 

Who would of thought that an iconic bag would still be going strong after 60 years. I definitely know that the 2.55 Chanel bag is on my wishlist, its not only about the iconic woman behind the brand. It's about the quality and creativity that has allowed the bag to be appreciated for this many years and years to come. The vision of the woman who took fashion to the levels we thought were impossible.

That was my favourite Chanel bag. The other piece that I adore is the classic Chanel tweed suit from 1965, there is something about the suit that makes you think of a fashion business women. It was very classic and reflected Chanel as a person. The little attention to detail make it extra special, I think people always forget the appreciation of when you pick a piece of clothing and wear it. When I look back at these collections I can see the designers vision at it's best, I felt the passion they felt when designing, creating and wearing the final product! 

"Fashion is like art, You admire it from afar. It is then, you realise the true beauty of the garment." - FashtasticFlare

"Craftsmanship is one, few people possess but creativity is one that unites us."  - FashtasticFlare

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