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The 90s Tag

November 20, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are good. I know everyone is wondering where is Look weekly, I have decided to do a different post because it's my birthday tomorrow. So I thought why not do a tag related to my era!

On to all things 90s.....

1. What is your favourite Disney Channel Original movie?

I have two, I loved the halloweentown films as I was growing up. I remember Disney Channel airing films at 8pm and I would come home eat food and make sure my homework was done just so I could watch them. The other film is Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, I loved that film especially when we were just coming into the technology era. Wow how time has changed.

2. Favourite Music Artist?

Spice Girls without a doubt and Britney was good in those years!

3. Favourite Nick Jr. Show?

I think blue clues. That is the only one I can remember if I am honest.

4. Favourite game (board game, school game)

Growing up I played a lot of board games with my brothers and I would say my favourite is monopoly. I played it so many times and I loved how the rules were questioned when we felt that the game was not going in our favour.

5. Favourite McDonald Toys?

The year when you could collect the small furbies. I remember collecting like 4 of them, they were so cute. However when I got one for Christmas, the furbie spoke when it was turned off, the scariest thing in the middle of the night.

6. Favourite Candy?

I have a sweet tooth and I feel that it's so hard to pick a favourite. I always loved the pick and mixes and sherbets. They bring back so many childhood memories. Most of the time you don't remember the names you just remember how good they taste.

7. Favourite TV Show?

My favourite shows growing up from the top of my head are : Sabrina the teenage witch, Kenan and Kel, Rugrats, Drake and Josh, Lizzie Mcquire, That's so raven, Recess, Powerpuff girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Goosebumps etc. There are more.

8. What was your favourite video game system and game for it?

This is so hard, I played on the PS1 and 2, and I had a Game boy Advance SP and Nintendo DS lite. I would say my favourite console was PS2 and the game would be Street fighter or Tekken.

9. Favourite Collectibles?

Pokemon cards and stickers. I was obsessed that my mum brought me a pikachu bag.

10. Favourite Book?

I was a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan like many girls growing up in this era, I would say the cliffhanger and double act were the ones I enjoyed the most.

So that was my 90s tag, I hope you enjoyed this post if you did then please leave a like!
Leave a comment on what you loved most about the 90s or the era you were brought up in?

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