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Doubting Yourself Restricts You From Taking Risks

December 04, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I know many people are happy that Friday has finally come, so am I! I thought to do a different style of post today because I have not done one of these in a while. 
I feel that we always think we are alone when we experience certain moments, feeling, thoughts etc in our life. This post is about something everyone feels from time and time and I am here to relate to all my fellow friends out there. 

On to things Doubtful......

Now doubt is something we are experience from time to time, sometimes we let that doubt cloud our judgement and make our mindset worse. Our minds are a very powerful part of our body and it can be the restriction that prevents us from reaching our full potential. 

I, as a human being always has the tendency to over think many decisions in my life; doubt comes in a form of negativity for me, which makes me feel worse about myself. Doubt makes me question all the steps I take like, will I ever make it? Will I be able to achieve what I set to do in life? Will I be able to make my family proud? Will I be able to be a person someone will look up to? ......

I want people who are reading this to realise one thing, YOU are in control of your life. YOU have the power to turn that doubt into something worth having. YOU can turn that doubtful thought into the reason you fight for everything in life! Prove your thoughts wrong, Prove everyone wrong, then one day when you look back you say WOW that was not so hard and I am proud of what I did to get to this moment.

When I recently watched the film Inside Out I realised alot, from a simple concept created for children. The film was about how different emotions make you feel and how they reflect you as a person. It made me realise that we have so many emotions in our mind and sometimes we let individual emotions take over rather than letting them merge together.  For example we always talk about the saying in order to value happiness, you must know what sadness feels like. But if you merge the two emotions together we get tears of joy! Feeling happy and sad at the same time.

Just like doubt, it should be the fear itself that drives you to take the necessary risk to reach that happiness you intend to have. We should turn our fear into to motivation, because we know the feeling is unpleasant but we can bring something positive out of it. What's the point of feeling unpleasant all the time when we can do something that will bring us joy?

I have compiled a range of quotes I feel will help everyone to uplift themselves, and remember you are only in the journey of your life not the destination. So there will be bumps and obstacles in your way but like a car you will not let them stop you from getting to the place you want to go. You will overcome these obstacles and bumps until you get to the place you want to be! 
So remember that ..... :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did then please give it a like!

Do you doubt yourself? Do you think that is why you often restrict your abilities? Leave a comment below on your thoughts.

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