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Look Magazine Weekly #14th December

December 10, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope you have had a great week so far. The weather has been awful and I am glad I have been inside while it has been tipping it down. I have finally finished my dreaded coursework which is due in tomorrow,  I am so relieved. This gives me time to finally write this post YAYY!

Fashion is my life now and I love looking for new trends, reading interesting articles and it's something that gives me happiness when I am working on the next big thing! I hope one day I am happy with what I set out to achieve :) Remember it's about the little things in life!

Let's get this post under way,
On to all things LOOK.....

Now I know lots of people tend to get married in this month cause of Christmas and the New Year. Many people are planning a winter wonderland and the dress is very important to anyone's Wedding day. One particular high street shop that has everyone talking this week is, the Needle & Thread, now I have seen some of their dresses on ASOS and I have fallen in love with them!

The fact that they offer Wedding dresses are no surprise to me, I simply LOVE their tulle skirts, there is something magical about them. So if you are a girl who is looking to get married soon, I suggest you pop on over to Needle & Thread and find a dress that is reasonably priced and make you feel timeless on your special day.

For those single people out there, me included, we can continue to dream about our special day and admire the features of what we would want our wedding dress to look like..... *daydreams*

This week I will be talking about three pieces that have caught my eye. Starting with M&S, I simply love the blue Houndstooth co-ord. It's so cute and reminds of clueless for some reason, great for the winter season.

Zara is the place to shop for many bloggers, but as I was browsing on there website the rose embellished clutch was something I really liked. I think if you are wearing a LBD then this clutch would be a great addition to your outfit. It brings something different and if you know me, I am all for different!

And lastly we go to Warehouse, as a lover for lace, this dress is a beautiful shade of blue and great for any Christmas night out. The floral appliqué just give that Christmasy feel.

That is all from this week. I hope you enjoyed the fashion inspired post, if you did then please give it a like!
Also leave a comment on your thoughts about these fashion trends this season?

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