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Balenciaga January #2 Fashion History of his Career

January 12, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are well. So we are still in Balenciaga January and are travelling far and wide through the depths of Spain. Let's explore into what made this designer an unforgettable man as well as him being a rival of Mr Dior.

On to all things Balenciaga.....

When Balenciaga came to France to set up his career in 1937, the first thing they noticed about the clothes he designed was not the cut of his clothes but the blackness they possessed. He was the definition of Black that Harper Bazaar called it Balenciaga's blacks.

He was a rising star but was a remote one in the aspect of not interacting with the media or even seeing clients. A socialite Gloria Guinness spoke about his shy nature, and how his work did not cloud that shyness because he made people believe in his work. He wasn't a person who was interested in people or even money. This guy sounds amazing to me, I love how all his focus, drive and attention was for the world of fashion.

Many of the collections he designed for women; he always strove for comfort in his day clothes, but when it came to evening dresses he always wanted to add that little extra bit of imaginative touch to it. One thing I find quite humorous is the fact that Dior and Balenciaga were often in competition when their collections were launching. But that is not the humour part, where Dior always had a name for the collection he was releasing. Balenciaga did not think of names for the collections, so the press had to invent names that would be suitable for these collections. That's probably why we have not really heard of his world famous collections because the man behind the brand did not name his most famous collections.

Balenciaga always designed styles that were practical so it could fit women of all types of figures. He felt that clothing should be simple, with less buttons, fastenings etc. He wanted all figure types to be happy with their figure so he would often ignore the waistline in some of his collections. This was called the "Ease of Balenciaga", he wanted the garment to have a ease of movement and  leaving room for breathing.

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