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Look Magazine Weekly #18th January

January 14, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are doing well. I am back with a LOOK Weekly, it's been some time now since I have posted this. I thought why not explore what new trends are creeping up this year!

On to all things LOOK.......

So recently I have been doing a lot of shopping so make sure you watch this space on the weekend because there will be a haul video going live! Anyway I have been seeing that slip - ons trainers/pumps what ever they are called, are a trend that is arising. Don't get me wrong I never use to like these types of shoes, but recently I have really grown to love them. I am currently looking for my own pair, they look super comfy and you can rock them with various styles, depending on the design you get. I totally agree with the LOOK writers when they say our feet need a break after the festive period. So ladies make sure you consider this shoes!

If you have wondered onto my blog you have probably seen my recently updated photo where I am wearing a fedora! I have recently invested in two fedoras which you can check out in the upcoming haul! I am really loving the fedora, normally I feel that they would not suit me, but then I thought to hell with it, Just buy the DAMN FEDORA which I DID! Now since I started this blog Teal has been my favourite colour and when I saw that the fedora's are now in Teal and it's trending I need to go and invest! I am so going on the hunt for a Teal fedora. If your a girl like me and you feel a fedora might not suit you, just stop thinking and buy that damn hat!

There are three style picks this week which are from Zara, Oasis and Converse. 
Zara is great for many types of clothing but one item that caught my eye is this nude styled dress, its so cute and the colour is so light and subtle which I really like. It is on the pricey side (£49.95) but if you are going somewhere special or want to feel special then this could be a dress to consider. I quite like the simplicity of it!

Moving on to Oasis, this floral embroidered dress (£70) is great for the weather right now, paired with a long sleeved top and thick tights, you'll look fashionable as well as warm.

The last style pick is the silver chrome Converse which are amazing. This is not the first time I have discovered these, when I was browsing for trainers I found these and I was like I want them but they did not have my size :( (sad times). If you are interested in buying a pair you can get them on the Converse website for £44.99  they even have a gold pair, so what are you waiting for! - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Chrome Leather
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