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National Television Awards 2016 - Worst & Best Dressed

January 22, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well. Now if you live in the UK then you may be aware that the National Television Awards (NTA's) aired on Wednesday. I did not get a chance to watch the whole event, but I did manage to look at the fashion aspect of the award show as well as who won!

Let's get onto all things NTA's.......

Now I don't like to point out those people who didn't think about what they wore when walking down the red carpet. However I felt this post had to be done, so I am going to talk about who I thought was the worst dressed at the NTA's and the best dressed!

Starting with worst dressed, I have short listed three people who I thought really surprised people on the Red Carpet and not in a good way.

1. Michelle Keegan
So Michelle Keegan really shocked alot of people, some newspapers named her as the worst dressed. Very shocking isn't it? Let's just have a look at her outfit for a minute, what is that?! The tulle skirt is fine, but the top half just looks like she tied a pieced a cloth to herself. I mean we get they are television celebrities but really, you could have tried a bit harder!

2. Jorgie Porter
Now many of us know her for hollyoaks and if you haven't heard of Jorgie you will never forget her for the I'm a celebrity food trial. I just don't understand what she is wearing, there are so many things wrong with it. I mean is this really red carpet worthy? She wore a better dress when she came out of the jungle for the after party.

3. Lady C
Now this lady the whole public will never forget after the havoc she caused on social media and even in the newspaper whilst being in the jungle. One question I ask myself is if she is a lady, then why the hell is she wearing this? That dress is so bad, even my big fat gypsy wedding dresses look better and you know where I'm coming from!

After laughing and wondering what on earth possessed those ladies in the worst dressed category, we move onto the ladies who stood out me.

1. Vicky Pattison
Starting with the queen of the jungle, she really does know how to rock a red carpet when acquiring such a title. This lovely white gown with that statement neckline really made a lot of people stop and admire, a lady in white can always be right!

2. Jacqueline Jossa
I love this strapless gown Jacqueline is wearing, she looks so beautiful. Can we just take a moment and admire how great this woman looks after having a baby. She has all the curves to make this dress and carries it with true elegance.

3. Kara Tointon
Kara's dress is very bridal but it's really beautiful. I love the lace sheer neckline and the flowful skirt. It looks so angelic, I think the white dresses were definitely a hit for this year's award show.

And lastly I am really happy that Danny Dyer won the award for serial drama performance, he is an amazing actor! He so deserves it for his performance in EastEnders, he portrayed Mick very well. 

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Leave a comment on who you thought was the worst dressed or best dressed?

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