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Paris Couture Week 2016 - What You Need To Know

January 30, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you all are well and are having a great weekend so far. Well where do I start with the Paris Couture Week which started last Saturday. I have been following it closely on Social media and I have been surprised and amazed with all the collections that have been showcased on the catwalk.
I am going to post a part 2 to this as their are another two designers I want to talk about, But let's get onto the two that stood out for me, over this past week, first. 
On to all things designers...
The two designers that caught my eye first were Ralph & Russo and Giambattista Valli. 
Ralph & Russo

So starting with Ralph & Russo, these dresses were so different yet really beautiful. Starting with the black dress I love the skirt its AMAZING, it's definitely the statement feature on the dress.

The cream and gold dress has a sense of freedom to it, the frills remind me of jellyfish when they move in the water. There's is something magical about that dress!

The last dress is quite simple but it does not stray away from drama with that feathered styled bodice and embellished skirt. I feel this pale blue/ periwinkle colour is going to be great for the movement of Winter to Spring, it's so light and subtle.

Giambattista Valli
Moving onto Giambattista Valli, now for those who have been following my blog for some time will know that I have mentioned Giambattista Valli many times, especially in my recent post about the Golden Globes 2016. I really like his attention to detail as well the versatility he possesses. 

The red dress is a lovely poppy colour as well as being overflowing with layering of fabric. This dress is definitely in competition with the existing tulle skirts right know. But if you look at the skirt it kind of reminds me of a paintbrush, but this would look great against snowy scenery. 

The other two dresses really reflect Spring for me, as you can never go wrong with flowers and floral detail. The black dress with the flower detailed spaghetti strap and the rose embroidery is mesmerizing! 

The white skirt on the third dress with the cascading blue flowers is simple but very well executed! It looks like they are falling off the skirt.

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