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McQueen March #1 Who is Alexander McQueen?

March 02, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are well. I know, I know you are probably wondering why this post was not posted yesterday. I did post a tweet yesterday stated that I will be posting this post today and I will try to post this before midnight. If you don't follow me on twitter, then here is my twitter link - Follow FashtasticFlare.
The reason the post is being posted today is that it was my Nan's birthday yesterday. So I didn't have time to post and write this post. I am here now so let's get to it. 

Now this month's designer *drum roll please* is..... you can already see. It is Mr Alexander McQueen. We finally have a British designer to talk about, YAY!

Welcome to McQueen March.....

Now if your a new fellow reader then I will give a brief explanation of what to expect from my designer of the month series. First of all these posts are expected to go live on the Tuesday's of the month, you are lucky that this month has 5 Tuesday's that means 5 posts. The style of posts in this series are about getting to know the designer better and I explore different collections and iconic career  moments as well. And don't forget the book reviews. So that is a little insight into what this series is all about and I change the designer every month, so we have looked at 4 designers so far.
Let's talk about Mr Alexander McQueen in a bit more detail. Mr Lee Alexander McQueen was born on 17th March 1969 and he was the youngest of six . I love how I didn't realise that his actual birthday was in March and he has the whole month dedicated to him. The south London boy was drawn to his heritage as he developed into a designer, and from a young age he always knew he would be 'something in fashion'.

At age 3 he drew his first ever design which was of a Cinderella dress that had a tiny waist with a huge gown, and he said from that moment he knew he always wanted to be a designer. It's interesting how at such a young age he had envisioned his future. 

One thing I really love about Alexander McQueen is the fact that he was ahead of his time, and what I mean by this is that he knew what he wanted. For a 12 year old to follow designers' careers as well as reading fashion books is really inspirational. And I love the fact that he would advise his 3 older sisters on what to wear from first dates to job interviews. 

So many of his interests like his love for water and passion for birds, reflected alot in his collections which I will later explore as we go on in this series. I always love knowing how these designs developed and the process of the journey to the final piece. It is really interesting when observing the designers' vision behind his work.

That is all from McQueen March but make sure to look out for the next post where I will be looking into his development into the fashion industry. 

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