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McQueen March #3 Book Reviews

March 16, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you all are well. I know what you are thinking, 'FashtasticFlare didn't you say you were going to talk about McQueen's Famous collections in this post?' Yes I was suppose to be talking about his famous collections, but I need more time to prepare for that post. So I thought what is a quick and easy post that I can do for the time being and I thought a book review!

On to all things McQueen March......

So I always do a post where I talk about the resources I have used to understand the designers better and get some good content from the research I have conducted, to write about. In McQueen March there are two books which have aided me in learning about Mr McQueen and helped me to understand what type of designer he is.

Here is my take of "photography" to showcase the books I have used. ( I do make myself chuckle when I look at these pictures). 

Vogue on: Alexander McQueen (Vogue on Designers) - £13.49

This book has been the most useful in understanding him at the very beginning of his career and the background of where he came from. I have used the Vogue on Designers throughout my designer of the month series and always find them great for setting the foundation for these posts. Easy read and great book visual and in writing. 

Alexander McQueen - £29.25

This book is more thicker and bigger than the above book. It is really good when looking into his collections more. I have not read the whole book but from what I have seen, this is more focused on the collections he has created and shows great images of how they came together. So this is really good visual and if you are thinking of creating a mood board for this designer, then this book would be good for it!

That is all from this week, hopefully I will be posting the Famous Collections post next week.

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