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What To Expect In April Update - Blogging and YouTube Videos

April 04, 2016

Hey Everyone I hope you all are well. I wanted to talk about what things are going to be happening over this month and what to expect from FashtasticFlare.

On to all things FashtasticFlare....

I know many people are wondering where I have been over the past week and why my blog has become like a desert no new posts! As I explained in my new life lately video which you can check the featured post above, I am currently revising for 3rd year exams of my degree. So it has became very intense since March. 

I have tried to make time to sit down and write posts, as I have many planned but I simply cannot get time. I do not want to post, blog posts that are to a low standard. I often cannot get into the groove to write at this moment in time as I am stressing out about my exams and trying to revise and prepare to the best that I can. 

I am losing my motivation to focus on my exams and I would like to move my focus to my blog and YouTube Videos, but I feel if I do this it will not be good for me. Hence why I have had to prioritise my degree over my blog but it will only be for a limited period. 

I am officially taking a break from blogging and YouTube so I can focus on my exams, my first exam is just under 3 weeks away. So you can understand the pressure I am under. 

I know the title says what to expect in April but it's more what not to expect in April. 

Here goes the list:

1. There will be no designer of the month in April and I will have to see near the time whether there will be one in May. The reason being that my last exam is on the 6th May, so I will have to see.

2. I will say this straight as I do not want you to expect any sort of posts, as I will not have time. If by any chance I do want a break from revision then a post MAY appear but it is not definite.

3. There will be no YouTube videos, for the reason I just don't have time to sit down and record the videos. And on top of that I will need to edit them which I do not think will happen. 

What to Expect After the 6th May:

1. I know many people where expecting fashion weeks posts as they are still pending, I will definitely be continuing them after my exams. 

2. The Designer of the month series will definitely resume for the June month. 

3. I will resume my YouTube series on my channel.

4. I will have much more time to plan more diverse and exciting posts as I have some events coming up.

Thank you for being understanding, as I am going through this period in my life! 

I hope this post gave you a greater understanding on what is to expected after my exams, why not hit that like button if you cannot wait for me to blog again! :)

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