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1 Year of Blogging - Blog Anniversary (Advice + Reflection)

May 23, 2016

Hello my lovelies and Welcome to a new blog post. I hit a milestone yesterday as my blog turned 1! Yes I have been blogging for a year now, to me it doesn't feel like a year has gone past. I have enjoyed everything I have written and posted on my blog and I am proud of how far I have come. 
This post will not only discuss advice for people who want to start blogging but I will share my reflection of the past year. 

On to all things Blogging......

What advice could I give to people who want to start blogging?

1. Subject Area
I would say that you will need to have a particular area that you are passionate about. That was the starting point for me, as my blog focuses on Fashion. To be honest the subject area could be something that you may relate to, for example a hobby or it could be something completely different. Remember if it is something no one has done before then definitely go for it, if you are passionate about. The reason why I say that you should go for it, is because you could be the first to make a difference in that subject and take it to the height it has never gone before.

2. Planning
Before I created my blog I was planning for couple of months. Firstly I started with what blogging platform I wanted, I looked at Tumblr and WordPress but decided Blogger was the platform for me as it was very accessible and easy to use. I thought about what I could bring to stand out as a blogger and looked at many blogs via Bloglovin. This is another good platform to consider when starting to blog as you can keep up to date with other bloggers and you connect your own blog on there.

3. Blog Name
Now for me, the blog name is the most important. It's important because this is what people will remember you for. I wrote down about 30 different blog names and I narrowed  it down to, two names in the end, then I picked  FashtasticFlare. I wanted a play on word, Fashtastic means 'Fashion That is Fantastic'. Some people want to be remembered perhaps for their name and other prefer something different, I wanted to create a brand like Zoella, SprinkleOfGlitter, IISuperwomanII, InTheFrow, Fleur DeForce etc. So think about what you really want your blog to be called, and how you want to be remembered!

4. Content
Write about things that interest you and try not to focus too much on what other people may like. Remember this is you expressing your passion on the internet and it can be a daunting experience. So try to be creative and imaginative with your ideas. I researched alot, when it came to blog ideas, and I have used some of them but I did created many along the way. 

5. Social Media
I created separate social media as I wanted those accounts to be related solely to blogging. I feel it's better to create social media accounts that relate to your blog so people can find you easily and you will attract those kinds of people who share the same interest. I choose to keep personal areas of my life private, the funny thing is that only some of my friends know I blog and family, well alot of my family doesn't know. So it's your decision on what you post on those accounts as well as your personal social media.

Reflection My 1st Year of Blogging
Over the past year my blogging experience has really helped me. I have grown as a person and realised that I can achieve great things with my blog through my writing but it has not been a straight line. When I started my blog I really threw myself in the deep end and at times I was lacking self belief. When I created my accounts and blog on the 15th May 2015, it took me a whole week to post my first blog post. The response was amazing and I continued along the scary journey. 

Like many people I was not all for putting my face on the internet but as the months went on I did start to record videos as I wanted to expand my horizons and keep my options open and I loved it! I guess that was where I started to build confidence and posted more about myself and images to go along with it. I have not yet conjured the confidence to post personal selfies on social media, but I think these things take time. I am not going to do it, if I am not comfortable with it. 

There have been times in the year where I have experienced bloggers block and struggled to come up with ideas and there have been periods where I have not written alot of posts in a month. I think the things I have learnt is trying to keep up with fashion happening in the industry at the time should be paced out. As you the know fashion weeks are posts that hit you full on, and can become a problem when trying to post in time constraints. However I feel you don't necessarily need to post when it is going on, you post when you feel you are ready to publish the blog post. People are concerned with the writing, so always remember that!

I have created and continued series on my blog and I feel for me, I love having series. As I feel it gives people something to come back to and look forward to every week. You will have to trial many things and some of them will work and some won't, that's just life! I changed many things in blog and I felt they didn't work but I always made sure that my content is originally to myself and they showcase my expression of what I love!

I finish my post with some quotes that will make you think a little...

Thank you for reading my post and here's to more years!

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