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Prom Inspiration Ideas #1 The Outfit

June 10, 2016

Are you looking for some inspiration for your prom outfit, then you have come to the right place...

So it's June and well everyone is worrying about exams there are some girls out there thinking about Prom and thinking what am I going to wear? This short series will give you guidance on all those questions that are currently running through your mind when thinking about Prom!

I am going to start off with "The Outfit" or what I like to call the statement piece that everyone will be looking at. So traditionally everyone wears a dress but the fashion trends right now give you the opportunity to explore other options and I will explain that later in the post.

So I have selected four dresses that show different styles and colours, to give you an insight that there is something for everyone.

   ASOS  Miss Selfridge Chi Chi London  Lipsy

The four retailers I have picked are ASOS, Lipsy, Chi Chi London and Miss Selfridges. Now obviously you do not need to buy a dress from these four, but these companies will give you an idea of what you like along with, what sort of dresses you are looking for. 


For some people colour can be a daunting experience and  especially when they do not know whether a particular colour will suit them and their skin complexion. This is why they feel that black is the only colour they love which is totally fine, as there are many styles of dresses that can still give you that timeless feel for example the Miss Selfridges dress above. The current colour scheme that it trending right now is pastels and this is perfect for anyone and any skin complexion. For me pastel colours are light, refreshing and still vibrant!

I mean look at the two dresses from ASOS and Chi Chi London they are beautiful and light and trust me, when I say this once you bring colour into your wardrobe you never go back to one colour again. I was 16 once and I use wear black so much, but I remember buying myself a red cardigan and being like wow this is quite nice! And ever since then I have never stop buying a range of colours, with time you will learn what colours look really good on you and what colours you think might not. 

So pastels are great to bring into your wardrobe as they are subtle and don't make you feel like woahhh this is too much! If your a type of girl that wants to go all out then go for a bold coloured dress that's vibrant and you feel comfortable in. There is a great selection of dresses out there but always remember the dress should represent you not something your trying to be, as I can understand peer pressure can be a contributing factor when you are thinking about what to pick.


When picking your dress the length can be a contributing factor on making the decision to buy it. There are three lengths: Mini, Midi and Maxi. When looking at the length think about comfort-ability, what looks good on you. For me personally I would go for Midi as you can look elegant and you can show off your legs and shoes! Shoes often get hidden in Maxi dresses, so I think Midi give you the best of both worlds.

All these skirts can be found on ASOS
Do you remember at the start of the post when I said that you have other options, what I meant by this was that you do not have to go for a dress. You could go for a top and a skirt! 

In the image above I have selected a range of skirts which are currently trending in the fashion industry. I am in love with the pleated skirts right now and there are a range of colours you choose from. The other skirts I think would be great for Prom is the tulle skirts, I know when you think of tulle its ball gowns but what if you could change the ballgown and just pair a tulle skirt with a crop top. This will make the tulle skirt revolutionised in modern time and great for any event to be honest.

Think about what I have said in this post, I hope it has gave you a clearer insight into what you are looking for. Also definitely browse through multiple shops and try on dresses as this will give you an idea of whether you really want to buy it!

That is all from my first Prom Inspiration Ideas post. Stay tuned for the next post where I will talk about Makeup looks.

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