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Westwood June #1 Her Career Background

June 08, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you are well. Designer of the month is BACK and we staying in the UK with a British Designer! The last designer of the month was Alexander McQueen who is also British. This June month I will be exploring Vivienne Westwood's life and how she became one of the famous British designer's to ever live!

On to all things Westwood June....

Now where to start, well I have briefly heard of Vivienne Westwood but it was not for her clothes more for the other products she has produced. Everyone knows that my designer of the month series is to explore the live's of these designer's and find out how they became who they became.

So let's go to the very start of Vivienne's life, she was a country girl who was born in 1941 and came from a family where her mother was a cotton weaver and her father was from a family of shoemakers. At 17 her family moved to North-West London where she studied silversmithing and jewellery design at Harrow Art School. She thought she could not make an earning from an art career so she took a more conventional route to become a school teacher. 

When Vivienne was 21 in 1962 she married an airline steward Derek Westwood, this is where she got her surname from. The marriage lasted three years and she had one son. The next man who came into her life was Malcolm McLaren, this is where Vivienne went through a phase which was quite rebellious.

They developed the first signs of punk style as well as changing their shop name from 'let it rock' to 'Sex' which promoted idea of sexual confrontation and introduced leather, bondage gear and rubber wear. Now let's take a moment to understand that Vivienne was not the type of designer that started with free flow garments instead she experimented with more difficult fabrics. Also this was not what a typical women would have been seen to do in that era.

After leaving that phase of her life behind in 1981 she created a collection called 'Pirate' which attracted a lot of attention in the media for all the right reasons. It was a collection that no one expected from her, as the style gave a new romantic movement which became historical and inspirational. 

That is all from this week, I will be back with Westwood June #2 next week!

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