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Westwood June #2 Her First Collections

June 17, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope everyone is well. I know, I know my blog has been dormant for the past couples of days. You're probably like where is the designer of the month? and what about the prom series? The reason why I have been dormant is that I have been busy planning for tomorrow, and you're probably like tomorrow? what is tomorrow? Well I am going to an event and all will be revealed tomorrow, some of you might know already.  I really want to get my designer of the month post out today and prom will resume next week so yes!

On to all things Westwood June....

So last week I gave you an insight to her background and how she began to rise in her career. I talked about the collection that sparked interest around the fashion industry and started to see Vivienne as a designer no one thought she would be. 

Her second collection 'Savage' released in the Spring and Summer of 1982 which had themes of the 'Pirate' collection but she added Native American styles and patterns. What I admire about Vivienne is that she brings that little bit extra and an element of surprise with every collection. I bet the media would sit there and be like what is she going to showcase next!

The next more famous collection was in Autumn/Winter 1983 called 'Buffalo' which further explored the cultural cross-referencing and ethnic adaptations. She gathered the information from images showcasing women wearing bowler hats and fuller skirts, who were dancing with babies tied to her backs. This collection was shown at Olympia in London and made Vivienne Westwood the first British designer to show there since the Sixties.

In the Spring/Summer 1983 she launched a collection that was called 'Punkature' she wanted to experiment with the most basic of shapes like rectangles, squares, tubes etc. She wanted the collection to be centred around the relationship of the push and pull of the fabric against the body, which pushed the hobo idea to the limit. I think this collection showed great innovatory and really outlines what you can do with just fabric as she frayed, tied and teared it!

That is all from this week, I will be back with Westwood June #3 next week!

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