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Westwood June #3 Book Review

June 22, 2016

Hello my lovelies how are you all? I just want to say a couple things before I get on to this post, firstly I will be posting a post and a vlog of my experience of #Bloggersball this weekend so look out for that. Also I will be posting my part 2 to my prom series, so there are some things to look forward to!

On to all things Westwood June....

So for those who have followed my designer of the month series you will know by the third post I review the materials I have used in this series. If you are new, this post is just telling you what sources I used to assist me in the research. 

In Westwood June I used one book as a source for all my information and it is the book you can see above. I love Vogue on designers because they are concise and have the right amount of information to develop an understanding on the designer. They have a wide range of pictures along with great quotations about the designer and said by the designer. 

I want to tell you my thoughts of Westwood June so far, I think Vivienne is an inspirational designer for what she has achieved as a British designer. She's a person who you cannot judge from what she  did in the past. Seeing her development from leather, latex, rubber to delicate fabrics is amazing, she proves that you can transition into any type of person and designer. She was not afraid to experiment and be bold with fashion, which I adore!

That is a little review of what I thought about the book. You can check out the book here - Vogue on Vivienne Westwood (Vogue on Designers)

That is all from this week, I will be back with Westwood June #4 next week!

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