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TOAD Diaries Review

July 29, 2016

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are well. I am back with another review. Now many bloggers are always trying to keep organised. Whether that is planning the next blog post or noting down when a particular post is going to be published.

When I started blogging I brought a planner from paperchase at that time the planner was convenient as it started from July last year and ran to July this year. The problem that often arises is that these types of planners/diaries have a particular starting date which is not ideal for everyone.

As you know this is one of the brands I discovered from the #BloggersBall event. TOAD Diaries were kind enough to give me a sample of their product where I could personalise it to my every need.
I love how the business came about, they show that if you want something, why wait for someone else to create it just simply create it yourself! 

They are a new business that can go very far, as you see from the images I chose the theme from the molten range. They have many themes and you can personalise the pages using various templates. You can even select the start date at one you desire and you can decide when it finishes. My diary starts in July 2016 and ends December 2017.

I do wish I had bought the book style version as I loved the finish on it. There's always next time! But the ringbinder style is more suited to me as I prefer the way I can turn pages. 
Overall I would recommend their product to anyone who is looking for something different and unique. Plus you can personalise the front cover which you cannot do with a lot of diaries. It's like adding your personal touch to it, to make it your own! 

This is a splurge purchase as you are paying for what you design, but think about this it's something that will last and keep your life more organised.  So why not treat yourself! 

If you are unsure about what the end product will look like, be sure to check out their instagram as their are many designs and styles of other people's purchases! It's definitely worth a look.

Here is a link to their website - Go on have a look TOAD Diaries

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