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Vatika Naturals Review

July 27, 2016

Hello my lovelies I hope you are well. It's been well over a month since I attended the #BloggersBall event organised by Scarlett London. As I mentioned in the vlog and my recent Life Lately I would reviews some of the brands as they were kind enough to provide me with some samples of there products. 

On to all things Vatika Naturals....

Now I am not new to there products as I have used there coconut oils which are very good. My Nan is kind of always bringing some back when she goes to India. However I have not used there Vatika Naturals range. I am always delighted to try out new hair products as I feel you cannot use the same shampoo over a long period of time. It is sometimes good to change up your hair routine and products.

The two products I was given were the Vatika Naturals Argan conditioner along with Vatika Naturals Henna Shampoo.

Starting off with the Henna shampoo I was at first sceptical as I know henna is used to dye hair but I was told that it does not change the colour of the hair but simply protects the colour. So I thought what the heck let's try this. My initial thoughts of the shampoo is very good as I noticed that it got rid of grease residue you normally get when using dry shampoo. I normally condition first, once then shampoo twice and the results were effective.  So overall great product and my hair was left soft and clean. However when I was using it at first I did find my hair was getting more greasier but I think it might have been my scalp adapting to the products because as I continued to use them this was not the case.

Moving onto the Argan conditioner which firstly smells heavenly and made my hair feel more shiny and soft at the touch. I started to use the conditioner once or twice a week as my scalp produces more oil. I used these products over a month and thought they are very good hair products to invest in. I would love to see these particular products hit the supermarkets so they are more accessible but there are other products that may be more suited to your hair type in many stores. However I do feel these products are new so they will probably hit the shops soon.

You can check the website here Vatika Naturals

Definitely give them a try as they are worth investing in, especially when they are using natural ingredients.

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