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What Bollywood brought to the Cannes Film Festival 2017

May 31, 2017

This is sort of a tradition for my blog, and you may be like really why is that? Well when I first started to blog, my very first post was on the Cannes Film Festival, I spoke about what designers impressed me, with the dresses that were worn by celebrities. I know it has been a while and Cannes is now truly over. I wanted the event to end before I made a post about the Film Festival.

Now I don't know if you're aware, but I am Indian and have grown up with the Bollywood industry heavily. I love the old Bollywood films, but since university so like 2013 I stopped watching Bollywood films as the stories didn't really catch my attention. These three actresses I know and I have watched many of their films. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor are not new to my blog as I have mentioned them in previous Cannes post. However Deepika Padukone is new to my blog and probably new to Hollywood as she made that film, Return of  Xander Cage with Vin Diesel.

Now lets talk about what Bollywood brought to the Cannes.

Starting off with Sonam, apart from the fact we both share the same first name, her style has definitely improved at this Cannes Film Festival. She brought glamour by wearing very soft colours that made impact in the media. She wore two gowns that were heavily embroidered and intricate in detail, which I loved! I loved it more that she wore one of my favourite designer's dresses, these dresses are designed Elie Saab! He's amazing, I guess the second thing Sonam and I share is we both love Elie Saab dresses!

Let's talk about the dresses, so starting with the sultry gold dress, she definitely brought the edge out in this dress. The smoky eye gave it the middle eastern look, and the deep plunging neckline along with the gold radiance of shimmer coming from the whole gown, made everyone stop and admire her! This dress is a piece of art and Sonam Kapoor really did well, I'm happy she didn't accessorise with this dress as it would have took the attention away from the dress.

The pink blossom dress is a soft elegant gown, I just love the colour so light and fresh. The design looks effortless but you can see the hard work  gone into the dress. I feel the design is very simple and could easily be featured in a Bollywood film, I think it is the draping of the fabric on the sleeves, it's the way the fabric falls that reminds me of the freedom and fun you can have in such a dress. Now she did choose to accessorise with the dress, I think the hand pieces and earrings chosen really added the finishing touches to give it more of an Indian feel!

Onto to Deepika who currently is rising in the industry and making her break into the Hollywood industry, for me I am happy to see her growth as I watched her first film she made in Bollywood and this women has come along! I see she decided to make bold choices with the dresses she picked, not only did she pull it off the dark green look of her makeup really made a statement on social media, I have seen alot of people replicate her look!

The dark green gown by Brandon Maxwell who is new to this blog, I quite like the simplicity of the gown and how the design of the gown is really simple. A high thigh slit, to the one shoulder drapery ending in a large train behind her, truly effortless gown to pull off. Not everyone can give the gown an edge but Deepika definitely did.

The majestic purple Marchesa gown is absolutely mesmerising, I LOVEEE IT!😍
From her dark lip to tousled hair, she perfected this look, it's like the dress was made for! I love Marchesa gowns and I'm sure we can appreciate the effort Marchesa put into it, from the layering and pleating to the one shoulder detail again. Deepika sure loves here one shoulder dresses, good on her, she pulls them off with grace. I love how the embellishment is hidden within the material to show a mystery but also give you the sparkle in the right places!

I am coming to the end of this post, but I always think to leave something special for the big send off. What other way to end my post with the women herself Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, now I have watched many of her films Bollywood and Hollywood, Yes she has made some good films in her time!

She caused alot of traffic on social media when she wore the Michael Cinco gown that brought out inner Cinderella vibes. Now come on there have been many Cinderella style dresses in our time, and this one kind of makes it up there. It's not the my absolute favourite but it's an amazing dress by far. (My absolute favourite is Zac Posen Cinderella dress, which was wore at the Met Gala 2016, check it out if you're curious). The Michael Cinco Cinderella dress, definitely gave us princess vibes, and as she walked on the red carpet I did feel I was in some sort of fairytale!

This fiery Ralph&Russo gown gave me a Spanish sort of vibe to the red carpet. Maybe the reason for this is, the ruffle layered skirt reminded me of Spain. I love Ralph&Russo, I feel like their dresses always make a statement and the attention to detail in their designs are impeccable! The strapless embroidered bust is the icing on the cake, so simple but very effective!

Thank you making it to the end of the post and I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the Cannes Film Festival.

Leave a comment, tell which is your favourite dress!

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Bomber Jacket VS Leather Jacket

May 07, 2017

Hello my fashion lovers, and Yes I am back with another video. I recorded this video a while back and I have finally had a chance to upload it YAY! Now this is a new video for my This VS That series and in this video, it is the battle of the jackets!

Go ahead and check who will win the vote for me, is the all time champion the leather jacket that I can never let go, or will the newbie bomber jacket take the crown this time!

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