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Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet - 4 Different Designers

May 22, 2015

Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria, Miranda Kerr and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The Cannes film festival has been all over social media lately, so I thought why not make a blog post about the beautiful outfits I have seen, and compile a range of my top 4 picks from 4 different designers.

The reason why I selected these four was, they all represent something different.

So lets start talking all things fashion.....

1) Starting off with Natalie Portman in a red dress by Dior. Now everyones loves a little bit of Dior, and who better to wear this elegant red dress than the face of Dior. What I like about this dress is, the combination of simplicity and elegance with a hint of sexiness. The column shaped neckline of the dress is what makes it pop which I really like!

2) Where to start with Eva Longoria, this beautiful midnight blue dress by Versace is just WOW. I love the ruffles and how the fishtail adds that different twist of drama. Its got everything going on, and for me definitely a dress set out to make a statement on the Red Carpet.

3) Now if your looking for something hot and sexy then Miranda Kerr is your girl, wearing a pink gown by Emanuel Ungaro. From the plunging neckline to the high thigh slit, this dress is all about exposure. It definitely suits the saying "If you got it then flaunt it". The one thing I love about this gown is the colour, its like the right shade of pink to fit with all the fire going with it!

4) Saving best till last is a under statement when looking at the three dresses we have already looked at, but Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is another dress that adds that uniqueness to the Red Carpet. She wore sea green dress by one of my favourite designers Elie Saab. This dress is a tease, from the cutaways in the skirt to the lovely sheer neckline, and the sequins add that little extra to the dress. The style is different which I like and the colour is to die for!

Let me know what your favourites are by commenting below!

I hope you enjoyed this post, for more things fashion or if you like a bit of an adventure then follow my blog, 

P.S I am not finished with the Cannes Film Festival yet. There are more dresses from some of my favourite designers yet to come! :)

Till next time Sonam xox