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Zuhair Murad Dresses I Adore Right Now

May 26, 2015

Petra Nemcova and Li Bingbing

Hello everyone I am back with another post about the dresses I loved at the Cannes Film Festival. I know the event is over but it surely will not be forgotten. In this post I will be talking about a specific designer who caught my eye whilst admiring these beautiful women wearing these beautiful dresses. 
On to all things fashion.....
The designer I will be talking about is Zuhair Murad and the 2 dresses I absolutely loved! 
So lets kick this off by admiring this beautiful flowful gown that Petra Nemcova is wearing, its a lovely princess gown. The way the dress flows reminds me of a fairytale, so free and florally. The dress may seem very princessy but just like a lot of the dresses on the Red carpet this dress made a statement, with a deep plunge neckline. The neckline added that extra edge to the dress giving it a different twist on what a princess gown traditionally is!
Now Li Bingbing's dress was just perfect It reminded me of something Cinderella would wear if she went to the ball this year, I'm sure she would have won her prince over with this simple yet mesmerising dress. The train is just perfect on this dress and compliments the skirt, and the sequin illusion just gives you all the sparkle you need! The dress is so different and definitely makes you look twice. 

What are your thoughts on this Zuhair Murad? Is there a dress you particularly liked? Share thoughts below,

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P.S. My next post will be featuring another designer and my thoughts on the dresses worn at the Cannes Film Festival.

Till next time Sonam xox