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Look Magazine Weekly #20th July

July 16, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope you all are having a lovely week. So you know what day it is, it's Thursday and I am back with a Look Magazine Weekly. Check out last weeks Look Weekly, if you missed it. Before we get talking about the latest fashion gossip, I just want to say that I love this shimmer blue dress Taylor is wearing. The colour reminds me of the ocean, (*Sigh* Thinks of a beach and sunny weather somewhere that is better than this UK weather right now).
On to all things Look.... 
Now many fashion lovers will know that last week was Paris Couture Week, but those people who did not know, don't worry I will tell you about some statements collections that went down. I guess we should start with Versace because for most of the weekend they were a highlight everywhere, the Versace dresses are on the right. The dresses look great, they have a beachy feel but the bodice gives the dress a bit of edge and making it look sexy as well. I think the structured detail on the bodice is a great feature to this collection and partnered with those hair crowns makes you think Greek goddess! Also if you follow me on instagram I posted my favourite dress from the new Zuhair Murad collection and on my twitter I posted my favourite pick from the Elie Saab collection. These two designers are simply my fave! They just know detail, embellishment and sparkle, all things a girl needs, well for me anyway. 
Now Lipsy has released their new collection and the beautiful Michelle is modelling all their dresses. I really like the new collection style it definitely has a timeless feel , I love how the dresses reflect the true elegance of the women without revealing too much. This blush pink dress is simply beautiful! 
The trend of the week is the sheer/ see through overlay which is really cute, I have seen lots of skirts that have a thick trim of lace and all you can see is skin, I just love it. Its great for people who do not want to wear short skirts or dresses because you still get the coverage you would if you wore midi dresses/skirts. It's definitely a trend everyone should experiment with because there are so many styles! 

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