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Very Good Lives - Review and My Thoughts

August 08, 2015

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all a having a great weekend and you are enjoying this lovely weather. So when the sun is out everyone enjoys sitting out in the sun reading a good book occasionally, and lately I have been reading the book 2 or 3 times because it is just so good.
On to all things J.K Rowling....
We all know the author J.K Rowling, if you do not know her she is most famous for writing the harry potters books, I just loved the films and are yet to read the books! 
This book is very different to what she normally writes, this is because this is a commencement address which was held at Harvard University. 
This book is just so great I cannot credit any higher, it is literally a great read! It covers two topics which is the benefits of failure and importance of imagination. The topic about benefits of failure really helps put your mind in a fresher perspective and for me makes me realise that failure is something you must embrace rather than fear. And the importance of imagination is very self explanatory, we all know that imagination is key in life and we should never underestimate it. If we imagine it then we can surely achieve it. 
It is a very short read, with great pictures of stand out quotes. I would highly recommend this book, its very inspirational and motivational to read! 

I purchased the book from Amazon for £6.99 - Very Good Lives By J.K Rowling 

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