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Welcome To FashtasticFlare

August 04, 2015

Welcome to FashtasticFlare
"a dream that has no limits"
Hello my lovelies I hope you are all good. Now I have been blogging for over two and a half months and I thought I might as well do a post explaining what this blog is all about, and what you as readers are to expect from this blog when you follow my posts. I will also be creating an about me page so you can find out more about me!

On to all things FashtasticFlare....
FashtasticFlare is a blog that will mostly feature content like fashion, style and expressing your creativity. But as you know I do not like to limit my blog in anyway so the blog may feature content on beauty, makeup and anything really. I have left the blog to be open to all kinds of possibilities. If you have topic and think I could do justice to it then feel free to comment below or send me an email! 

Some key beliefs of FashtasticFlare: 
 1. I love to explore and have interests in other people's passion, so if you want me to check out your blog/YouTube channel then email a little description of what it is all about!
2. Learning to take risks and go out your comfort zone is something I would love to do more with, so if you would like me do question tags, would you rather or even challenges then feel free to email your requests. 
3. Have fun and do not take life too seriously, do the things people think are impossible for you achieve.

I want people to leave my blog either feeling inspired or felt they have learnt something new! FashtasticFlare is a community where you can be yourself and have fun, I am not here to judge you! If you do not like my post then tell me, why you don't or if you think I can improve my blog in anyway then tell me! 
I just want to make my readers enjoy reading the content as much as I love writing it!

What to expect from FashtasticFlare : 
- Three posts a week, I will try and post Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!
- My Thursday post is a Look weekly, which features the latest fashion and style gossip of the week from my favourite fashion magazine. 
- YouTube Channel Videos will be coming very soon (expect a update post soon)
- Open to requests for posts and videos, so email me your ideas! 
- Diverse content covering fashion and style
- Inspirational and Motivational posts once in a while.
- Always remember I am here to share my passion and make my readers happy or intrigued in some way!

Thank you for reading this post, if you like what you read then give it a like! Feel free to leave a comment 

Now you know more about what FashtasticFlare is all about, feel free to follow my blog! :)

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Till next time Sonam xox