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Look Magazine Weekly #28th September

September 24, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope everyone is having a good week. I know everyone is looking forward to the weekend, I would much appreciate it if you could look out for my video on my blog. (#selfpromotion *laughs*)
So we all know the fashion industry is blowing up on various different platforms over the last couple of weeks. I have been keeping up to date on the fashion weeks and have enjoyed looking and admiring the collections of all the amazing designers that have worked so hard this season. I only dream that one day I will have one of my collections on the runways, I mean how amazing would that be! #dreaming

On to all things Look....

So as many of you girls know this is my go to fashion magazine and I was pretty disappointed with issue. Reason being that the coverage of fashion week was not up to my liking, I felt they limited themselves on collections they could of shown. 
But that's just me! 

However I did spot this trend and I thought why not share this. I love midi skirts, I feel there is some kind of elegance that goes with it. For me, I feel mid skirts give a 60s feel which I love its a great period of fashion! There are so many different styles, but the one that caught my eye was this red skirt, it's beautiful and, paired with those polka dot heels just makes it extra special.  

My two style picks are from Zara and Urban Outfitters this week. Starting off with Zara, this metallic khaki pleated midi, is really pretty. I don't know what it is but when I see these skirts I really want to invest in one. This skirt is definitely one to wear on nights out, and its £39.99 which is not too bad. The shimmer, the shine, just know your going to have a good time! 

Moving on to Urban Outfitters, I feel like they do great one off items that will last a long time. The item I have chosen is this corduroy dress, it takes me back to my childhood, when everything was cord! I really like corduroy because it's a great fabric to wear in the winter and this dress is £56, which is quite expensive but definitely an item worth investing in!

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