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Look Magazine Weekly #7th September

September 04, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope you are good, I know this was suppose to be posted yesterday but I had problems with my internet so I could not post it. I'm here now and ready give you the gossip on fashion styles and pieces I'm loving this week. If you missed last week's blog post then you can check it out here - Look Weekly.

On to all things Look....
So let's kick this off with plaid first, I love plaid it's one of my favourite patterns, I normally refer to it as tartan rather than plaid. I think it is a great fabric pattern to have in your wardrobe because it's so versatile and gives an element of fun! I just love it, but pairing plaid with plaid is simply genius! You can never have too much plaid!! I really loving this sleeveless checked jacket Olivia is wearing, its just gorgeous. 
Now we all know Victoria Beckham and her fashion sense, and it doesn't surprise me that a model is inspired by Victoria Beckham's clothing designs. I quite like Victoria's style because it's simple but effective. 
So a few pieces have caught my eye this week, the first piece being these minimalistic dresses. They are so simplistic but so effective. I feel like you can pair them with practically anything, it's a type of dress you can dress up or dress down! It's definitely a dress worth looking to invest in, plus you can get so much wear out of it!
The another piece is that lovely fedora red hat from H&M, it's such a beautiful colour and great for the autumn look. I guess I am in love with hats because I am searching for my perfect fedora and I may have just found it!

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