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Fashion History #4 From Baroque to Rococo

October 20, 2015

Hello my fashion historians and welcome back to another fashion history. I hope you are enjoying these posts as we are travelling through time. Can you believe that we are coming to an end of this series, with only one post left! If you want a sneak peak of what I am going to be doing for November then follow me on instagram ( @Fashtastic Flare )  where I will be posting a clue.

Now back to this week's post.

On to all things Baroque to Rococo......
I know my fellow fashion historians you must be wondering Baroque? Rococo? WHATTT?
Baroque was massive in the 17th century, mainly because it was set in France and that it was a style that was grand and very heavy in decoration. Whereas Rococo came about in the 18th century where fashion became lighter and dresses were flowing than being stiff and structured.

We have two fashions icons which will reflect both styles we are going to be exploring.

Henrietta Maria (on the left)
Henrietta Maria was from the baroque century. Due to being a Queen her dress sense really made a statement in society. She had a love for pearls which she wore in her hair symbolising her wealth. Some of her dresses were high waisted gowns that were made from shimmering satin which created lots of volume. She adopted the Virago sleeve, this was a panelled sleeve that was drawn in at the arm to create puffs.  Queen Henrietta Maria did not incorporate much taffeta and lace but these were fabrics which were used a lot in this century. 

Maria - Antoinette (on the right)
Now Maria - Antoinette was from the Rococo century. She was very different to other queens, she was one of those women who wanted her say in what she wore. She adapted her own style which was known as the  "Polonaise" style, which was a bodice that enhanced your cleavage, ankle - baring skirt, elbow lengthened sleeve, edged with a frill. I would say she was a women who knew what she wanted and knew how to wear her fashion the right way! 

Moving into modern day we going to explore the development from then to now.

1) Baroque and Rococo use to be separate styles but looking at the first image you can see how the two styles have come together. From the structured bodices to the free flow bows its a lovely piece reflecting both centuries.

2) Lace, lace, lace.  Lace has definitely been a fabric that has developed so much. I have picked this beautiful red Dolce  & Gabbana dress, you can see the intricacy in the fabric.

3) This beautiful taffeta dress that does not need embellishment because the fabric is all the drama you need to leave people talking!

4) Masquerade was something that was established in these centuries and for me I love the idea of a masquerade. If one day I do not get invited to one then I will definitely organise one! I love the whole mystery behind the masquerade balls.

I know this post was quite full on, but I hope you enjoyed what you have read today. If you did then please leave a like. 

Tell me what you love most about the fashion history this week?

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