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Fashion History #2 Medieval Era

October 06, 2015

Hello my lovelies I hope you all are having a great week so far. I know Friday feels so far away so I hope this post makes you feel more cheerful and lifts your mood a little bit.

On to all things Fashion History .....

I have fast forwarded a little bit into the 11th Century where I found that the tunic has been developed into a "T" shape to create fullness. Also the quality of the fabric reflected wealth of the wearer which you would understand in those days. I guess in society today many people would be considered wealthy on the way they dress now.

Now going into the 12th Century, fashion became very flamboyant because it was the time of the crusaders. This was the century where they made clothing more fitted, so you could show your body shape for the first time.

Eleanor of Aquitaine - Fashion Icon

I am delighted to write about the first fashion icon in my fashion history series. Now, I know majority of people are asking what is her relation with fashion, I will tell you. She popularized the bilaut which was a long overgown, that consisted of a tight bodice fitted with a skirt cut wide that led pleats and folds down to her feet. Due to being the Queen of France at that time her gowns were made of silk which were highly embellished and heavily embroidered with metallic threads. The colours often worn were blues, greys, burgundies and earthy tones, I think those were the traditional colours back then. She obviously seemed a woman of high taste and quality when it came to fashion. 

Moving on to the 13th to 14th Century I have noticed that alot of things have changed throughout these years like tunic, the tunic was forever developing. Things like draping was introduced to show movement in clothing. Plus the 14th Century was the beginning of tailoring, where fastenings such as buttons became more important. When looking back I do not really think we would regard buttons as something important rather we take them for granted. However I don't think we could ever imagine a world without buttons! 

A point to end on, the medieval era has taught me alot. From the forever developing tunic to clothes becoming figure fitting. I feel the history of fashion really helps designers when thinking about ideas. Remember fashion maybe forever changing but, that does not mean it hasn't came from history. Fashion is mostly developed from previous ideas that were found by these fashion historians or Icons. 

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